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Christmas Ramirez

Seriously though? If you haven’t heard about YETI coolers, than I have a treat for you! We cant say enough about the quality and craftsmanship of our YETI coolers and accessories like the Ramblers and Koozies. The cooler is made with three inches of Permafrost Insulation to keep your things cold for days. Yes, literally keeping ice in the cooler as ice. Everything from the handles, to the lid latches and bearfoot non-slip bottom was creatively constructed keeping outdoor activities in mind. We like to us our cooler on fishing trips, camping and kayaking! AND, if you haven’t googled the YouTube video of two grizzly bears “testing” out the YETI cooler for indestructibility…you’re welcome.

Christmas Ramirez
Christmas is no longer with Subaru Adventure Team and has moved onto grander adventures.
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