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Gilbert Smith’s Workout of the Week: Core

Alex Gauthier

Gilbert Jamal Smith spends time in this week’s Workout of the Week to show you a great workout that will do wonders for your core.

You’ve no doubt read plenty about how important having a strong core is for your chosen adventure sport. In climbing, your core enables strong power moves that link your technical prowess to physical performance allowing you to send your latest project. Skiing, running, even swimming all depend on good core strength which has been shown to reduce injuries. These two things alone are adequate reason to pay attention to this muscle group. Your tight tummy will also provide that ego boost you need as well!

You’ve seen a million ab workouts guaranteed to deliver a sexy six-pack but the focus really should be on performance based results, don’t you think? Gilbert’s latest film makes for a simple and effective program that requires no special gear or environment to complete the routine. Get busy!

Alex Gauthier
Alex Gauthier is the head adventure junky for Subaru Adventure Team and part time outdoor adventure photographer. His first love is climbing of any kind but can also be spotted on mountain bike trails or working on building sea kayaks which he may or may not ever get to paddle.
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