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CONTEST! Women’s Alpine Climbing Clinic

Alex Gauthier

Well, it’s that time of year once again. This will make the second year in a row that we’ve decided to support the mission of Chicks Climbing and Skiing to deliver top-notch guiding and instruction for female climbers specifically.

Part of this partnership with Chicks Climbing and Skiing allows us to create a kind of scholarship where we select one lucky gal to attend a Chicks program. This year, we’ve selected their alpine climbing program in the Tetons. We’ll be selecting the winner the same way as last year; a contest!


Starting today (May 3rd, 2017) we are launching a combination photo and essay contest. You’ll need to find your best picture of one of your outdoor adventures (doesn’t matter what type of outdoor adventure). Once you select your photo, you’ll also write a short (two or three paragraphs) blurb/essay explaining why you want to attend the alpine climbing clinic and a little bit about yourself. You’ll have until May 25th to enter and garner as many votes as possible.


You stand your best chance at winning by sharing your entry with friends and family however pay attention to what you submit because strangers will be able to vote as well. The contest page has buttons for sharing the contest so be sure to use them! At the end of the contest, we will first check for signs of fraudulent entries and submit the top three by number of votes to the guides at Chicks Climbing and Skiing and they will narrow it down to the top winner. The remaining two will become the runners up in our contest and will still receive some cool gear from Petzl and Subaru Adventure Team.


We’re really excited to be partnering up with Petzl to sweeten the pot on this years prizes.

First Prize will receive admission to the clinic courtesy of Subaru Adventure Team plus a ton of awesome Petzl climbing gear and some of our better Subaru Adventure Team swag. Sorry, travel, meals etc are on you for this one but you may well be able to car-pool with other program participants.

Runners-up will both get Petzls new GriGri Plus and some Subaru Adventure Team swag.


You’ll make your way to Jackson, Wyoming to meet up at the Grand Teton Climber’s Ranch by June 23rd. The Chicks will do some instruction down low for a couple days before moving camp to the lower saddle of The Grand Teton.

You’ll get some practice moving efficiently in 4th and 5th class terrain as well as improve your snow and ice skills. The guides will split the women into groups according to relative comfort and skill level so that everyone gets something out of the clinic.

Any climbing gear not provided in your prize package will be waiting for you at the saddle so that you can hike up with a light pack. You can see more details about the clinic here.

We’re really stoked to be able to offer this contest again this year and cannot wait to see your entries. It’s very likely that we’ll make the drive up to the Tetons this year ourselves to say hello to the group and take some photos and video, not to mention deliver the gear package in person! That’s it, you know what to do. Get to work, women!

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Alex Gauthier
Alex Gauthier is the head adventure junky for Subaru Adventure Team and part time outdoor adventure photographer. His first love is climbing of any kind but can also be spotted on mountain bike trails or working on building sea kayaks which he may or may not ever get to paddle.
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