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Salomon Elite 5 Escape XC Ski

Christmas Ramirez
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Salomon Elite 5 Escape

The Salomon Elite 5 Escape is perfect for us to get our XC technique dialed, and for future backcountry adventures. The waxless ski is great for controlling and is easy to steer left or right due to the shorter ski length. The camber in the foot is just enough for a smooth kick to propel you forward, and still enables you to stay balanced. I especially like the comfort of the boots with the warm fleece lining and lock zip to ensure your boot stays on your foot. The bindings are easy to step into and easy to disconnect from as well. Overall, the Elite 5 Escape Grip is a great buy for XC fun!

Christmas Ramirez
Christmas is no longer with Subaru Adventure Team and has moved onto grander adventures.
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