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Innova Kayak Helios II

Christmas Ramirez
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I love my Innova Kayak Helios II: We first discovered the Innova Kayak brand when we were attending the Outdoor Retailer Expo in Salt Lake City, UT. During our time there, we were set on finding something that suited what Randy and I needed for our kayaking adventures. We stumbled up Innova and met with Tim, one of the founding partners. He introduced us to the line-up of available products, and eventually we settled on the Helios II. Simply put, it fit the bill! Not only is it extremely durable for day touring and fishing, it’s also made for sea kayaking. The materials are well made and constructed beautifully, all without the use of PVC materials , which is considered harmful and dangerous to humans. The kayak includes many rings to tie your items and stow away, as well as mesh coverings. Randy and I can also stretch our legs out completely and still have room for items! One of the best features though, is the fact that it comes with a drybag/backpack, that enables you to be able to transport your kayak in the overhead bins of airliners! Being able to take our adventures ANYWHERE is pretty sweet.

Christmas Ramirez
Christmas is no longer with Subaru Adventure Team and has moved onto grander adventures.
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