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Frozen Dead Guy Days Liveliest Party in Colorado?

Stacy Brach
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Frozen Dead Guy Days Liveliest Event in Colorado?

Photos By Bernard Brayton  and Bradley Flora

Subaru Adventure Team was proud to be the title sponsor of the 2016 Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland Colorado. This event was voted rowdiest outdoor event in the Elevation Outdoors Magazine 2016 Best of the Rockies and it did not disappoint.

In it’s 15th year, the Frozen Dead Guy Days is all thanks to Grandpa Bredo Morstoel. In 1989 a citizen of Norway named Trygve Bauge brought the corpse of his grandfather Breso Morstoel to the Trans Time cryonics facility in California where his body was preserved in dry ice and liquid nitrogen with the hope that one day resuscitation might be possible. Then in 1993 Bredo was transported to the town of Nederland, Colorado where his family created a makeshift cryonics shed behind their home. The family eventually encountered some visa issues, which forced the family to return to Norway. Grandpa Bredo stayed behind and has his own personal care taker known as the “Ice Man”. Every month Bredo receives a delivery of 1600 pounds of dry ice that surrounds his sarcophagus and keeps him at -60F. This unique story spawned the annual Frozen Dad Guy Days Festival in 2002.

This years Frozen Dead Guy Days kicked off with the Blue Ball on Friday night where festival goers walked the blue carpet, enjoyed a variety of live music and tasty craft beer. Many attendees wore elaborate costumes and danced the night away!

On Saturday the festival really got going with an estimated crowd size of over 20,000 people. There were many unique events to watch or participate in like the hearse parade and coffin races.  The Hearse Parade procession included creepy hearses of all kinds, hair-raising zombies, and clowns that would give you nightmares in your sleep.

Coffin race teams competed in an obstacle race while carrying a rider in a wood coffin.  Coffin racers dressed up in themes like “The Cereal Killers” where racers were dressed like The Trix Rabbit, Tony The Tiger and Count Chocula.  The Polar Plunge also took place on Saturday where participants took an Icy plunge off the pirate plank amidst a sea of spectators.  Other events included Icy Turkey Bowling and a Frozen T-Shirt Contest.

Three tents were set up around town that featured a variety of live music and sprits. Each day held excitement and there was something for everyone. Sunday included a Brain Freeze Contest, Human Foosball, and live chainsaw Ice Carvings.

The Subaru Adventure Team had a great time talking with festivalgoers and town locals at our booths. People enjoyed climbing up into our roof-top Tepui Tent displayed on our 2016 Subaru Forster and learning what the Subaru Adventure Team is all about. Frozen Dead Guy Days did not disappoint and we are excited to be apart of this event again next year!

Find more pictures of this event here.

Stacy Brach
Stacy is no longer with Subaru Adventure Team and has moved on to grander adventures.
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