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Chicks Climbing and Skiing, Our Newest Partner!

Alex Gauthier

Subaru Adventure Team and Chicks Climbing and Skiing Team Up

Photo Credit Michael Clark

If you’ve paid much attention in the last couple years to the climbing and skiing scene here in the United States you can’t have missed the buzz building around our newest partner, Chicks Climbing and Skiing. The organization was born about 20 years ago but  was recently acquired by five women with almost 100 years of guiding experience between them.

These chicks have worked really hard to turn the outdoor world into a little bit less of a brodeo. Their programs cater only to women and include single and multi-day clinics both in the United States and abroad. Women can sign up for programs that build critical skills in rock or ice climbing and skiing.

Top notch instruction comes from the likes of Kitty Calhoun, Dawn Glanc and other very skilled female athletes. The program provides the kind of woman to woman mentorship and camaraderie that is seldom found in a co-ed environment.

Best news of all is a scholarship opportunity to accelerate the climbing and skiing abilities of a few lucky female Subaru drivers. Subaru Adventure Team will work with Chicks to create a unique opportunity for Subaru drivers in the near future so be sure to follow our social media to learn more as this partnership develops. If you are such a woman or know a deserving chick who would be interested in this program be sure and let them know to keep tabs on us as we start putting it together.

chicks climbing

The Chicks Mission

The Chicks mission is to empower women through mountain sports and we’ve been doing exactly that since 1999. Our programs are led by certified female guides with decades of experience. We create a safe, supportive, and fun atmosphere for learning that will help you to become a strong, self-reliant climber or skier. You’ll gain solid skills, confidence and a sense of camaraderie that will inspire you to overcome or take on other challenges in your life.

Alex Gauthier
Alex Gauthier is the head adventure junky for Subaru Adventure Team and part time outdoor adventure photographer. His first love is climbing of any kind but can also be spotted on mountain bike trails or working on building sea kayaks which he may or may not ever get to paddle.
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