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Six Essential Pieces of Zoic Cycling Clothing

Christmas Ramirez

We’re Stoked on Zoic Clothing!

Randy and I are so stoked to have Zoic Clothing as a partner with Subaru Adventure Team! We’ve recently tested out some of their cycling clothing in the Sonoran Desert and on Sedona single track, and wanted to highlight some of our favorite pieces!

Men’s Ether Short

Randy particularly loved the Ether Short, and it’s very hard for him to find pants or shorts that fit (he has big thighs and a smaller waist). The liner was comfy and he didn’t have a sore butt after 6+ hours per day riding. He also really liked how roomy they were to move in and didn’t constrict his legs. The length, design, and colors are also appealing. A couple of features he liked were that they required no belt (super plus!), they breath well, there are plenty of pockets, and the fabric is easily cleaned.

Men’s Tradesmen Flannel Riding Shirt

Randy likes flannels and this one was a keeper! It was warm, but not too hot for his rides. Also he found it to be very comfortable and a perfect length (which was longer in the back). He also had plenty of room in the shoulders and lat area to move around in.

Women’s Opulent Nicker

Christmas absolutely loved the Opulent Nicker! The fit was perfect, she loved the color choices. They are very form fitting, but with lots of stretch and super soft and flexible material. They are also easy to clean!

Women’s Premium Cycling Liner

Christmas really liked the stretchy material that fit nicely around her leg and didn’t climb up during her rides. The fit was also good without being too constricting and snug. Overall, this liner is perfect for a day of riding

Men’s Truck Tee

Randy really liked the soft material, fit, length and design of this tee. It keeps you cool and is an athletic fit, which he really likes. Zoic has a few designs of this tee, and we’re both excited about the women’s and men’s versions available. Christmas especially loves the W Bear Republic Tee, since she is originally from CA!

Womens Carissa Flannel

Christmas tried out the flannel and really liked the venting on the side panel to help regulate her heat. It’s also super soft and comfy, with easy snaps versus buttons. There is also a back zipper which is convenient to put items in and also wear while riding, for those cooler days.

Christmas Ramirez
Christmas is no longer with Subaru Adventure Team and has moved onto grander adventures.
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