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Subaru Adventure Team is an organization dedicated to, celebration and support of subaru owners and fans engaged in human powered recreation. We’re passionate about the outdoors and love the all-wheel-drive cars that deliver us to blank spots on the map.

Education May 03, 2017

CONTEST! Women’s Alpine Climbing Clinic

Nov 14, 2014

Cookies to Power Your Outdoor Adventures

Christmas's Peanut Butter Trail Cookies We asked Christmas what she and Randy like to take on the trail to keep their energy level maxed out and this is what she offered us. We love to collect recipes for high energy,…
Nov 04, 2015

Top Rope Gym Climbing

You drool in envy over the artful ballet that is climbing or maybe you cringe in terror at the thought of giving it a try. You shouldn't...
Apr 06, 2016

Lost In The Woods : A Parable

May 21, 2015

New Mobility Video Series

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