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Top Rope Gym Climbing

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Author: City Rock Climbing Gym

You drool in envy over the artful ballet that is climbing or maybe you cringe in terror at the thought of giving it a try. You shouldn’t. Climbing is actually a lot easier to get into than you may think. Your fear of heights is even an asset (YES! and asset!) because it’s a natural mechanism that separates you from all those people before you currently enjoying a dirt nap. Fear is a tool that keeps us safe. So don’t delay, give it a shot.

The timing couldn’t be better since winter is upon us. You can hone your skills on plastic this winter and make some friends at your local rock gym. Then once warmer temps come next spring, you’ll be primed and ready to take your act outside!

Check out this little video our friends at City Rock made for us that showcases the basics of top rope gym climbing which is where most would-be climbers should start out.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, the second Tuesday of each month, City Rock also hosts a free event organized by Upadowna that will allow you to check the sport out for free. Grab some friends and go sign up for the next Climb Night!

City Rock
City Rock
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