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SUP Crash Course

Randi Hitchcock UpaDowna
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You’ve no doubt seen those amazing pics of athletic folks doing yoga or having a dance party on Stand Up Paddleboards. You’ve certainly wondered at how YOU could have a SUP dance party or yoga session. Our friends at Upadowna helped us make the following video that will introduce you to the basics and get you on the water right away. You’ll get on the water…. the dance party thing may be a stretch at first but mucho respect if you pull it off!

The cost of gear to get into the sport may seem a little pricey but there are many ways to give it a try without dropping too much coin. If you’re in the Colorado Springs area, join Upadowna for one of their weekly Paddle Party events held at Prospect Lake. Look for more details on their website.

If you aren’t in the area, look for rental opportunities where you live.

Randi Hitchcock
Randi Hitchcock
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