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Shelf Road Craggin Classic Recap

Alex Gauthier Alex Gauthier
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The American Alpine Club created this event series to encourage community, and fun amongst climbers. This was the first year that the event at Shelf Road, location.

The Craggin Classic attracts brands, climbers and non-profits. For three days there are clinics, climbing, and partying. The Craggin Classic benefits the AAC. The AAC depends on funds from these events to continue their mission benefiting the climbing community. Donating never felt so fun!

Randy and Christmas of The True Subaru Couple joined the event as well. When not in our booth they were meeting climbers or climbing in their clinics. Look for a more in depth story about what the clinics are like at a later date.

The education component of the Craggin Classic is one of the best reasons to attend. The clinics, teach everything from efficiency in an alpine environment to basic movement skills. Guides and athletes teach all clinics which represent stunning opportunities for personal growth in your own climbing.

If education doesn’t interest you then the social component definitely will. This event fell on Halloween so there were costumes, great beer from Upslope and food. Climbers spent as much time catching up with old friends as they did climbing.

Sunday the Pikes Peak Climbers Alliance organized a stewardship event working on area trails. PPCA continues to take on new projects as the young organization gains momentum.

It was also nice to see the familiar faces of folks that we partner with in other ways like. Give a shout out to CAMPLa SportivaCity Rock Climbing Gym for supporting your sport so well!

Have a look at the video created for us by Michael Ring and look for yourself in the footage if you were there! This is also a great little video to watch if you’re wondering what a Craggin Classic is like.

Alex Gauthier
Alex Gauthier
Alex Gauthier is the head adventure junky for Subaru Adventure Team and part time outdoor adventure photographer. His first love is climbing of any kind but can also be spotted on mountain bike trails or working on building sea kayaks which he may or may not ever get to paddle.
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