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Recap: 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo

Christmas Ramirez Christmas Ramirez
24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Epic Rides has done it again, with their fantastic 24 Hours in Old Pueblo presented by Tucson Medical Center. It’s a fast and fun-filled weekend of bike riding, special guests, dinners and late night entertainment, all in the Sonoran Desert. The location overnight becomes a mini-town and with food and drink vendors, bike vendors, and more. The spectators, participants, volunteers and staff all camp-out in the mecca while racers speed in and out of the tracks. It’s a sold-out event each year, and benefits the Bag It! Bag It is an organization established to help people fight the fear often associated with cancer diagnoses.

Randy and I really enjoyed ourselves, meeting new friends, seeing old ones, and experiencing this major event. It’s been growing each year, and for obvious reasons! People join together, and many take dressing up to another level. The race is technically 24 hours of continuous riding with teams taking laps, but there are those that dare to go the 24 themselves. That Saturday afternoon, the race officially kicks off with a Lemans-style start. Also, the classic course runs through many landmarks like “The Bitches”, “Whiskey Tree” and “Rock Drop” to name a few. (Yes, The Bitches, which is a series of hills with one gnarly one near the end that has cause some broken collar bones for some).

The day leading up to the kickoff begins with dinner to celebrate with giveaways and special guests that help put on the race. Also, a lot of the sponsors and riders are celebrated with the beneficiary Bag It, capping off the evening with a talk about what they do. I can’t say enough about this event!

The race event lasts for three days, however, the memories, fun and friends last much longer. Randy did a couple of laps to experience the course, but we hope that we can create a bigger team for next year’s fun!

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
Christmas Ramirez
Christmas Ramirez
Christmas is no longer with Subaru Adventure Team and has moved onto grander adventures.
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