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Gilbert Smith’s Workout of the Week

Gilbert Smith Gilbert Smith

Meet Gilbert Smith. Gilbert could probably crush your skull with his eye-lid (assuming he wanted to risk getting your dirty hair in his eye) but luckily he’s not the type. Instead, he’s the type to help you become a better version of yourself with his workout of the week just for Subaru Adventure Team readers. As a skilled Mixed Martial Arts fighter, he knows a thing or two about the hard work and dedication it takes to exceed one’s expectations for one’s self.

He’ll be creating a series of these little workouts for you starting with this one. His focus will be on workouts you can do easily wherever you happen to be. This way you won’t have the “I hate the gym” or the “I don’t own gym equipment” excuse to weasel out of becoming the beast you truly are. Be sure and share your own exercise on the go routines in the comments. What works for you when you’re on the road?

Gilbert's Workout of the Week

Gilbert Smith
Gilbert Smith
I'm originally from New Jersey but I came to Colorado because I was in the Army and at Fort Carson. My family and I loved Colorado so much we decided to stay after getting out. I'm a father of 3, a Mixed Martial Arts gym owner called Victory MMA. I'm a big believer in being fit, staying active, and being educated. I live by two mottos: "Live the life you love and love the life you live!!!" and "If there is a will there is a way!!!"
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