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Frozen Dead Guy Days

Alex Gauthier
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The Strangest Party We’ve Ever Signed Up For

And now for something completely different. Sure climbing, skiing and kayaking are cool but sometimes you just need something that serves no other purpose but to entertain. Sometimes, you just need to be a fool and commune with fellow fools.

I present, Frozen Dead Guy Days. Frozen Dead Guy Days takes place this year in Nederland, Colorado between March 11th and March 13th. We are very pleased to be the title sponsors of this oddball event. We entreat you to join us in Nederland that weekend.

You can expect live music, ice turkey bowling, snowy human foosball, brain freeze contests,  a coffin race and a lot more from FDGD.

Be sure and learn about Bredo Morstol for whom the festival is dedicated to. Old man Morstol is frozen in a Tuff-Shed above town so you’ll want to be sure and pay your respects. Spoiler: the story of old man Morstol is part tragedy and part curiosity involving cryonics, deportation and more.

More info at the organizer’s website.

Alex Gauthier
Alex Gauthier is the head adventure junky for Subaru Adventure Team and part time outdoor adventure photographer. His first love is climbing of any kind but can also be spotted on mountain bike trails or working on building sea kayaks which he may or may not ever get to paddle.
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