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Back Country Recipes

Christmas Ramirez Christmas Ramirez

I love food. And more so, I love to get creative with my food, especially since we’re often backpacking in for a few days and need to pack light. While I’d really like to haul my two-burner stove or iron skillet to whip up a meal, I opt to explore the varieties of freeze-dried meals and come up with some foodie hacks with Mountain House Pro-Paks and Pouches. Here are some of my favorites!

Breakfast: Campfire Skillet Quesadilla

1 Pro-Pak or Pouch of Mountain House Breakfast Skillet
Package of tortillas
Aluminum foil
Campfire coals

This might remind you of the classic quesadilla, but with a Mountain House Breakfast Skillet twist! You prepare the Mountain House Breakfast Skillet per directions (adding 1 cup of boiling water to the pack). While its rehydrating, grab your aluminum foil, and cut a piece the size of your tortilla. Scoop the prepared skillet contents on to your tortilla. Fold in half, and then fold the aluminum on all corners to create a closed pack. Place above your campfire coals for a couple minutes on each side (either on a grate, or create a platform with rocks to place near the fire), and PRESTO…Campfire Skillet Quesadilla! (Christmas’s Hack Hint: I also like to bring personal packs of salsa or hot sauce to really push it over the edge. I can’t resist a warm and yummy breakfast on those crisp mornings).

Lunch or Dinner: Pasta Primavera with Diced Chicken

1 Pouch of Mountain House Pasta Primavera
¾ Cup of Mountain House Diced Chicken

If you like the taste of creamy parmesan cheese and macaroni, but need some added protein, this dish is for you! Prepare the Pasta Primavera per directions and, at the same time, toss in ¾ cup of the Mountain House Diced Chicken. For this dish, I let it rehydrate a little longer to get the flavors to meld and to ensure all the chicken rehydrates, so 10-12 minutes should be plenty of time. PLUS you get an extra 25 grams of protein to fuel you through the day! WIN WIN! (Christmas’s Hack Hint: Stir halfway through the 10-12 minutes).

Anytime: Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese

1 Pouch of Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese
½ cup of Mountain House Ground Beef (prepared makes 2/3 cup)
Optional: Hot sauce, taco spice packet, etc.

I don’t know about you, but I am OBSESSED with Mac and Cheese, and all the comfort it gives me. I paired this dish with Mountain House Ground Beef, but you can also substitute that with sausage crumbles (for a breakfast dish), or pre-cooked bacon for a savory meal. Prepare the Macaroni and Cheese per directions, and then toss in your crumbles of choice. Quick, simple and will make your mouth water anytime of the day. (Christmas’s Hack Hint: I also have tossed in taco spices or hot sauce, while rehydrating, to give it a little kick! The possibilities are endless with this one).

I know at this point you’re drooling over the meals, and I also hope I inspired your foodie minds to create your own combinations! Visit to view all the products and where to find them near you!

Christmas is a part of the Subaru Adventure Team, an organization dedicated to exploring, finding new adventures, and inspiring others to do the same. Christmas and her fiancee, Randy, travel the world and share their stories along the way. You can find weekly adventures with them on their social media pages at or on Instagram as @TrueSubaruCouple.

Christmas Ramirez
Christmas Ramirez
Christmas is no longer with Subaru Adventure Team and has moved onto grander adventures.
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