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Perfect Climbing Pack from CiloGear

Meet Your Ideal Alpine Climbing Pack– 30L WorkSack CiloGear is a household name in many parts of the Pacific Northwest but the boutique brand’s name is spreading elsewhere as well. Cilo is known for its ultra-light customizable climbing packs. They…

What Subaru Should You Buy?

It’s no secret that this outdoor loving tribe of ours flocks to Subaru like kids to an ice-cream truck.  But which Subaru should you buy? If you live in Colorado, Washington or Maine you probably think there isn’t even another…

Frozen Dead Guy Days

The Strangest Party We've Ever Signed Up For And now for something completely different. Sure climbing, skiing and kayaking are cool but sometimes you just need something that serves no other purpose but to entertain. Sometimes, you just need to…

Ouray Ice Festival

Each January the ice climbing tribe gathers in Ouray to celebrate, learn about and support ice climbing. For those brave enough to venture onto into the ephemeral terrain that ice represents, the annual event represents a bit of a homecoming.
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